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Radio Show: The Clash of Cultures – Zion vs Babylon

I’ve been asked to do a radio show about a topic of great interest to me personally. Here’s what I have for the beginning monologue of the first show.

Good morning, ladies and gentlemen. Today as we start our new show we want to introduce our topic, which Joyce (my co-host) and I find not only interesting, but crucial to our future happiness, as individuals, families, communities and nations.

Other radio talk shows, some quite successful, talk about what’s wrong with America today, how the government over-reaches its authority, how our rights are being slowly whittled away, about the plight of the poor, and the unimaginable wealth enjoyed by a few, about how the country’s moral base in crumbling.

All of this is true. But, doesn’t hearing that day after day really get old and discouraging? Who wants to listen to that all day? Not me!

What we have to share with you each week, dear listener, is hope. Yes, the world IS going to pot, the very fiber of our society is rotten, BUT, there is hope.

The funny thing is, all of the symptoms modern American society is experiencing today, all of the crime, the huge wealth gap, the government corruption, the craziness of our society was all predicted. Certain people throughout history have warned us of the results of going down this path, and, thankfully, they have given us the secret to prevent it.

Yes, the path our nation, and other nations, have walked follows a pattern as predictable as night and day. And… since it’s predictable, it’s also preventable! And, maybe, even salvageable. But that, dear listener, is up to you.

The hope we want to share with you is that the same understanding that allows us to predict the downfall of our once-free and prosperous society, also gives us the key to build a world of peace and prosperity for ALL, for all who choose to participate.

No, it won’t be easy. As you’re probably painfully aware, change is often difficult. Getting from here to there will have its obstacles. For example, those people and institutions that believe that they benefit from the status quo will resist change with all their might. Even if it’s in their long-term best interest to embrace the changes we offer.

Here’s the thing, the values which result in the mess our society is in, those values are false, they don’t deliver on their promises. The whole political, social, economic, and educational institutions of our society have all been corrupted by two particular false values. And because they have been compromised in this way, they cannot and will not endure forever. Our social institutions will and must fall. They will fall under the weight of their own corruption. It… is… inevitable.

The GOOD news is that if we can learn from our mistake as a culture, we can learn the two values that have and always will result in a stable, enduring, and prosperous society. If enough people learn to identify and reject the two false values that will bring about the downfall of any society, and if, after rejecting those two values, if we can fully embrace their corresponding true versions, then we’re all set! We’re set because, when our corrupted society self-destructs, we can build a new, enduring, peaceful society in its place. THAT is the hope we have, that is what can give our lives meaning while we endure the decay all around us.

OK, now. The answer to the question that naturally came into your mind when you first heard the title of our show, Zion vs Babylon, was, “Why in the world is their show called that?” I’ll give you three seconds to think about it, and I’ll bet the answer will pop into your head.

Did it come to you, just now? I’m guessing it did.

“Babylon” is a code word that represents any society that embraces the values that will eventually destroy it. And “Zion” is any society that embraces the corresponding versions of those values that will lead that society to long-term peace and prosperity for all.

From the beginning, the history of the world has been a Clash of Cultures: Zion vs Babylon. We’re going to share and discuss with you, our listener, the secret that has been known and shared by a few people throughout history, and we’ll probably spend most of our time talking with you about how the two Zion values can be applied in our hearts, homes, neighborhoods to create and provide a firm foundation for a long-lasting, peaceful, prosperous, crime-free, and HAPPY society.

So, now, as we do our show each week at this hour, we invite you, dear listener, to choose which team you’re going to be on – Team Zion or Team Babylon.

Let’s get started!

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