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America’s Tragedy and Hope

America’s Tragedy

America is no longer the “shining city on the hill”. Our enemies connive plans to destroy us, and our allies are confused by our wavering and incoherent actions.

"There is a future where mankind appreciates the genius of the Creator and the preciousness of all Creation"

It’s no wonder because America’s purpose has changed from harboring “the poor huddled masses yearning to be free” to “protecting American interests abroad” which has turned out to mean, bombing countries that threaten the holdings of our wealthiest corporations. America has become the same grasping empire against which we ourselves rebelled in 1776.

It’s no wonder because our super-wealthy corporations have corrupted our government to the point where our politicians can’t do anything but vote on laws they’ve never read. And, the people labor for 5 months every year to pay taxes that are then frivolously wasted by the bureaucrats who used to wear the title of “public servants” with honor.

America has problems with our schools. Our compulsory school laws have trained our children to respond in one of four ways:
1. To play along with their benevolent dictators in the classroom,
2. To lie and cheat just to get by,
3. To turn to drugs & alcohol to escape, or
4. To rebel against a system in which they have no real power.
None of these survival strategies make for good citizens of a free society.

America has the problem of materialism – we are conditioned by the frenzy of advertising that we cannot be happy without buying more stuff we don’t really need. The availability of credit has pushed housing and college prices so high that many must work most of the rest of their adult lives to pay for them. This all has led nearly every American to be in debt bondage to banks, forced to work as wage slaves to “the Man”.

America has problems indeed – our largest cities are plagued with crushing poverty and the vice and the crime it breeds.

There is a Future…

There is a future without crushing, hopeless poverty, vice, and crime.

There is a future where people are not motivated by a pathetic drive to prove their worth to their neighbors, by building bigger houses and stuffing them full of nicer clothes and the latest toys.

There is a future without the bondage of debt, where no one works for 30 years to pay off a home loan or twenty to pay off college loans.

There is a future without schools that feel, look, and act like prisons – schools where children must learn to cope with tyranny, enjoying and practicing none of the rights which they will have to wield when they graduate.

There is a future without crony capitalism corrupting the government, sapping the strength of the nation through high taxes, and destroying everyone’s future for individual power and gain.

There is a future without wars against foreign nations to control their oil or gas.

The Future We Seek

I see a future America where there are no rich and poor, not because an all-powerful government forced the “haves” to share with the “have-nots”, but because every individual is committed in their hearts that everyone will rise together and no one will be left behind. There is a future where the economic decision to “share the wealth” is motivated out of love for others, rather than out of fear of government reprisals. Let us find that future.

I see a future society of peace and plenty, where those who excel at organizing capital and labor do so for the benefit of all and not just for themselves and their bankers. There is a future where we all ask ourselves, “How can we work together to get what we all need?” We must find that future.

I see a future America where every individual adult finds great joy in doing what they love doing each day – because, as children, they attended a school where they had the freedom to explore their interests and identify their inner genius. Then, with that same freedom, they developed their unique gifts and prepared early to share them with the world at large. We seek that future.

I see a future society where Justice and the Rule of Law reign, where there are few laws which everyone knows, where our Congress-men and Senators truly represent the people and seek to do what is best for all. Where no one is terrorized by any of the agencies of our government, but all are free to enjoy life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

I see a future society where we work with Nature and Nature’s God to live in balance with all other forms of life. There is a future where mankind appreciates the genius of the Creator and the preciousness of all Creation – where we live in harmony with each other, animals, and all plant life. I see a future where the Earth is not a stranger to be raped and plundered, but our own cherished bride.  We must seek that future.

America’s Hope

There is a future where America is seen as it once was: an island of hope in a sea of despair – a candle on the hill shining the light of liberty to all still terrorized by those who pridefully struggle for power and glory. We can be the world’s hope again.

Let us join together in working for this future America – a land of freedom, of peace, and of prosperity for all.  United we stand.

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